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The Precourt Institute for Energy is part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.

Precourt Pioneering Projects grant awards

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The Precourt Pioneering Projects grant awards are to support faculty pursuing research in energy related areas that remain undeveloped at Stanford. These awards give faculty the opportunity to build strong collaborative teams to develop specific areas and grow these into bigger efforts that will ultimately lead to the creation of centers of excellence. The topics targeted are ongoing challenges in energy and the environment.  Research proposals must consider the broader societal, policy and business challenges of implementation and deployment of new energy technologies and greenhouse gas removal approaches, as well as have the potential for measurable impacts in the specific area of interest. 

The inaugural request for proposals in February 2021 was in AI for Energy and Climate and Integrated Energy Systems, followed by Reinventing Plastics and their Lifecycle of Use, Energy Efficient Computing, Carbon Removal, and Hydrogen for Decarbonization. 

The Precourt Pioneering Projects bring together diverse centers and initiatives on campus to provide intellect in shaping the research areas and to support these pioneering projects. Our current collaborators are Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), the Bit & Watts Initiative, the Woods Institute for the Environment, the SystemX Alliance, and SLAC.

The grants are awarded in a competitive proposal solicitation and review process on a quarterly basis. A summary of funded projects and details of how to apply can be found through the links below.

Next RFP coming soon!