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Engage with Stanford Energy


Individuals, organizations and businesses can get involved in the energy ecosystem at Stanford in a number of ways. Here, you will find pathways to understanding our core energy research, engagement opportunities, professional education offerings, and other helpful resources. We invite you to engage with Stanford Energy.


The pathway to industry engagement with Stanford’s core energy research efforts and other industrial affiliates programs create significant fundamental research opportunities that address critical global challenges.


Key on-campus and on-line convenings take place throughout the year that are designed to educate and connect individuals, companies, nonprofits, policy-makers and global thought leaders.


Explore professional education offered for our industry partners. Programs like the Global Energy Dialogues and Energy Seminars are open to all who are passionate about learning and advancing global energy solutions.


There are a number of renowned energy policy research programs across Stanford's campus that explore US energy policy, economic policy, energy finance, environment, national security and law. 

Energy Valley

Surrounded by Silicon Valley’s vibrant technology landscape and biotech industry, Stanford is at the heart of the region’s innovation ecosystem. In addition to being a tech and biotech hub, the Bay Area is quickly becoming the epicenter of energy innovation around the world. Over 1200 energy companies have converged in the greater Bay Area to advance their core technologies and new energy solutions.

Explore the interactive map of area energy companies