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Bits & Watts Initiative

The electricity grid is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation. The mission of Bits & Watts is to engage research, education and industry to anticipate that change and find innovative solutions to power the 21st century electric grid. Learn more about us.

Bits & Watts Initiative

Digital Grid Summer Webinar Series

In June, EPRI and Stanford University Bits & Watts Initiative co-hosted a virtual workshop, that brought together utility and information technology companies to discuss the development of a data platform and enabling technologies to achieve the Digital Grid vision. This interactive panel series will take this vital conversation the next step, examining the latest advances, emerging policies, and breakthrough research on customer DER integration. 

7/18-9:30am: Lessons learned from Utilities and IT companies 
7/88-9:30am: Technology Innovation Panel
7/158-9:30am: University Research Panel

Continuing every Wednesday morning during the summer quarter

Cover image from Bits & Watts Annual Review

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