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Bits & Watts Initiative

The electricity grid is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation. The mission of Bits & Watts is to engage research, education and industry to anticipate that change and find innovative solutions to power the 21st century electric grid. Learn more about us.

Bits & Watts Initiative

Decarbonizing the Grid Workshop Series

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3/3: The Role of Grid Interconnection for Decarbonization

As the recent situation in Texas demonstrated, grid interconnection plays a vital role in reliability and resiliency of the grid. Robust long-distance transmission lines (both HVAC and HVDC) will enable delivering clean energy to customers and expanding the ways that clean energy is used.

- Jay Caspary, Vice President Grid Strategies, LLC
- Dimitrios Chaniotis, Chair of System Development Committee, ENTSO-E
- Damien Ernst, Professor of Applied Science, University of Liège

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