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Bits & Watts Initiative

The electricity grid is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation. The mission of Bits & Watts is to engage research, education and industry to anticipate that change and find innovative solutions to power the 21st century electric grid. Learn more about us.

Bits & Watts Initiative

Winter Smart Grid Seminar

The Winter Quarter Bits & Watts’ Smart Grid Seminar will focus on the work that Stanford postdoctoral scholars are doing. Join us to learn about current challenges, work and advances in grid data analytics, economics, market design, battery storage, electrified transportation, power electronics, and renewable energy.The seminar is open to both students, as a credit bearing course (EE 292T: SmartGrids and Advanced Power Systems Seminar, CEE 272T), and to the broader community.  

Tentative list of speakers:

• Dr. Nicolas Astier with Prof. Charlie Kolstad
• Dr. Seongbeom Lee with Prof. Simona Onori
• Dr. Jason Poon with Prof. Juan Rivas-Davila
• Dr. Chad Zanocco with Prof. Ram Rajagopal
• Dr. Omer Karaduman with Profs. Charlie Kolstad, John Weyant, and Erica Plambeck
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