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Stanford Carbon Removal Initiative

The Stanford Carbon Removal Initiative engages faculty across the Stanford campus and beyond to carry out the many types of research needed to capture, utilize and store Carbon (CO2 and methane) emissions at the gigaton per year scale.  This initiative supports, improves, and extends the university’s ongoing efforts related to carbon management.

Carbon Removal Initiative

The Need: 77% of the world’s countries are not on track to meet their Paris targets for carbon reduction. In 2019, CO2 emissions were on the order of 36 gigatonnes, and methane emissions were around 570 million tonnes. Although many national and local governments have adopted “zero emission” targets, the pathways to achieve them are still unclear.

List of facultyCurrent State: Stanford has many faculty researchers and existing programs already working on aspects of this challenge (red circles). We believe that to achieve gigaton scale solutions, it is important to consider R&D in a holistic way, one that looks at the interplay of global energy systems, atmospheric concentrations, and the carbon cycle, and bridges fundamental science with systems engineering and includes the feedback loops and iterations at various stages in between.

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