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Array of batteries

From academic breakthroughs to technological impact

Stanford Energy’s StorageX Initiative brings together Stanford faculty from materials science to computer science to economics to tackle the dominant challenges in energy storage. By addressing gaps between academic and industrial R&D, StorageX aims to accelerate the global development and implementation of revolutionary energy storage technologies and concepts.

StorageX International Symposium
Friday, January 29, 2021
7:00-8:45am Pacific Time (15:00-16:45 GMT)

Live from Stanford: join the Precourt Institute for Energy for our twice-monthly StorageX International Symposia.
Stanford faculty & global industry experts discuss materials, devices, systems, theory, simulation & economics across the spectrum of energy storage applications — from electronics & EVs, to backing up the grid & renewables.


Presenting this week:

Andrea Pedretti
Co-Founder and CTO, Energy Vault
"The Strategic Role of Gravity Energy Storage in the Transition to Carbon-Free Electricity"

Jörg Heinemann
CEO, EnerVenue
"Ultra-durable, Ultra-flexible Energy Storage for Tomorrow's Grid"

Marco Ferrara
Co-Founder, Form Energy
"Best practice modeling to achieve low carbon grids"


Hosts:  Prof. Will Chueh and Prof. Yi Cui (Director, Precourt Institute for Energy)

as Faculty Co-Directors, Stanford StorageX Initiative.