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Students walking near field with wind turbines

Welcome to Explore Energy

Welcome to Explore Energy! This is the one-stop resource for "everything energy" at Stanford. Here you will find information on how to navigate and connect with energy-related opportunities and resources across campus. Subcribe to our new mailing list where we will share updates, opportunities, courses, internships, jobs, events, and more! You can also connect with us in-person at our official launch - to be scheduled when we're back on campus.

Understanding energy tricyle with student
Meet the Energy Tricycle! Once on-campus activities resume, keep
your eye out for our energy tricycle, which helps us spread the word
about everything energy on campus.

About Explore Energy

Explore Energy’s mission is to engage students on energy and to increase energy literacy, experiential learning, mentoring, and networking at Stanford. Our aim is to foster a vibrant energy community at Stanford, provide resources for students interested in energy, and create a cohesive energy circuit bridging all seven schools at Stanford.

Energy matters

Energy connects to many other critical areas, including the environment, social justice, equity, poverty, development, and corporate responsibility. Energy is fundamental to human development: everyone uses energy. It also is the number one contributor to climate change.

Energy is a global challenge

The world is facing the dual challenge of addressing climate change while also increasing access to energy in emerging and developing countries. The world urgently needs a global energy system that is sustainable, affordable, secure, and accessible to everyone.

Energy is interdisciplinary

Energy research and education at Stanford is dispersed among many schools, departments, and programs. The Explore Energy program helps students navigate "everything energy" at Stanford to foster a more well-connected and resourceful student body prepared to tackle the energy challenges of the future.

The Explore Energy program is aligned with many of the goals outlined in Stanford’s Long Range Plan. The program is committed to building a lasting legacy of energy programs, courses, literacy, connection, and mentorship at Stanford.