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“Great for all majors! Interdisciplinary approach that welcomes all backgrounds!” - Student, Spring 2021

  Students taking Understand Energy for 5 units or Understand Energy:Essentials for 4 units will attend Workshop.  We will go in depth into energy-relevant issues like water use, land use, transportation and policy. Come and discuss some of the most fascinating systems-level concepts surrounding energy and develop your thinking in these small-group discussions. We will address topics that we think are especially important to explore in an interactive setting, taught by Diana Gragg.  Workshop sessions meet once per week for 80 minutes. Topics may include:

  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Your Personal Carbon Footprint
  • Surprising truths about Energy Data
  • Hydraulic Fracturing - in depth
  • Wildfires and Microgrids
  • Why does Energy Quality matter? 
  • EnRoads: Technology to the Rescue?
  • The Emerging Electricity Storage Industry
  • The Energy-Water Nexus
  • How to Communicate about Energy and Climate Change
  • How does Energy Impact Air Quality and Human Health?
  • Transportation Policies and Programs - Unintended Consequences
  • Energy and Climate Policy