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2022 Cohort

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Daniel Gajardo, from Santiago, Chile, is pursuing a dual degree in Environment & Resources (E-IPER) at the Doerr School of Sustainability and International Policy at the Freeman Spogli Institute. His focus is to promote climate action with an environmental justice perspective, bridging the gap between environmental science, policy and business. Prior to Stanford he was the Head of Consultancy of the Latin-American Circular Economy company TriCiclos, and co-founded Engineers Without Borders Chile. This summer he will be working with Sway, an early-stage company developing seaweed-based alternatives for flexible plastics, strengthening its ocean regeneration impact thesis proposing best practices to promote the sustainable expansion of the seaweed aquaculture industry.

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Shreya Reddy is a first-year master’s student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department’s Atmosphere & Energy Program. Her work is focussed on aiding clean energy transitions especially in developing countries. Prior to Stanford, she worked in India to improve access to clean energy among rural communities. This summer, Shreya will be working with World Resources Institute, India on the Hydrogen Initiative, which aims to scale up green hydrogen production and utilization in order to achieve the country’s climate goals. Through this internship she specifically aims to address the technological and financial imperatives that will aid in improving the economic viability of producing Hydrogen from renewable energy.

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Raghav Sharma is a master’s student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Environmental Engineering Program with a focus on Environmental Data, Statistics, and Modelling. He is interested in climate-change induced extreme weather events and data-driven resilience and adaptation. He is passionate about using data science techniques for building a society resilient to the high likelihood and intensity of extreme events like floods, droughts, and wildfires. This summer, Raghav is excited to further his passion by interning at HighTide Intelligence, a flood intelligence start-up with a vision of leveraging data and tech for accelerating flood mitigation decision-making and accurately quantifying present and future flood-risk. Raghav will be involved in optimizing and scaling HighTide’s Hazard model which estimates flood depths for buildings across various storm events and sea level estimates.

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Summer Shaw is pursuing a JD at Stanford Law School and an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is interested in exploring innovative business and partnership models that align public and private sector stakeholders on climate action. Prior to Stanford, Summer was a Senior Policy Advisor in the New York Governor’s Office, where she helped to craft New York’s economy-wide plan to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. She was also a Director of Management in the Missouri Governor’s Office, where she led COVID-19 response analytics. Summer started her career in the private sector, first at McKinsey & Company and then at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory. This summer, she will be working at the U.S. Department of Energy Loan Programs Office (LPO), where she will explore how LPO deploys over $40 billion in government loans and loan guarantees to help innovative decarbonization technologies reach commercial scale.

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Phuthi Tsatsi is pursuing a dual MBA / EE MSc degree at Stanford. His main interests lie in helping to bridge the electrification gap in Africa, and improve the availability of affordable and reliable electricity to businesses in Africa. Prior to studying at Stanford, Phuthi was an Associate at CrossBoundary Energy where he supported the business in financing energy projects for commercial and industrial electricity users across Eastern and Western Africa. He also spent 3 years in consulting at BCG where he helped found the local Energy practice area. During the summer, Phuthi will be working for a minigrid developer in Nigeria to pilot and scale productive use activities in communities to help improve the financial sustainability of the minigrids.

2021 Cohort

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Joanna Klitzke is a Masters student in business and environmental science with Stanford's Graduate School of Business and School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences. She is passionate about building the future's circular, low-carbon economy and has spent the last few years experimenting with how to make this happen: working to increase textile recycling and reduce material emissions at Nike, feeding seaweed to cows to reduce livestock methane, and hosting GSB's Climate, Business & Innovation Summit to spark conversations across the community. This summer, Joanna is excited to support climate startup SupplyShift in building better ESG management tools for private investors. In parallel, she is researching sustainable financing mechanisms to fund coral reef repair to protect Hawaiian coastal communities.

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Wes Miller is a first-year master’s student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department’s SDC Program, focusing on Energy. He is interested in economically viable investment in sustainable infrastructure and clean energy. Prior to Stanford, Wes worked in heavy civil construction where he was extensively involved on large infrastructure improvements to dams, wharves, and highways across the United States. He grew up in Maine and received his BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont. This summer, Wes is very excited to work at ADN Capital Ventures, facilitating renewable energy and sustainable technology and infrastructure transactions. Through this experience he hopes to identify key drivers of value that attract, mobilize, and secure private capital engagement towards impact-oriented investments.

2020 Cohort

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Morrison Mast, MS-MBA ‘21, Blue Forest Conservation, San Francisco, CA

Blue Forest Conservation launched the first “Forest Resilience Bond,” an innovative financial vehicle that leverages a blend of private capital to achieve landscape scale forest restoration for wildfire mitigation and increased streamflow. I worked with Blue Forest’s CEO and potential investors to conduct due diligence on a forest management project to be undertaken on the Tahoe National Forest, and worked with the COO and Project Development Team on project development on National Forests in Oregon and Washington. Had the opportunity to visit and photograph project sites off-the-clock and see ecosystem services benefits of Blue Forest’s projects in action.

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Fabiola Quinzaños, MBA ‘20, Renewable Resources Group, Los Angeles, CA

RRG is an investment firm focused in water, energy and agriculture. The team is comprised by people from very diverse backgrounds but all of them share a strong passion and commitment to help the world transition into a sustainable way of living. My role during the summer was to lead a couple of deals.

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Sachi Twine, MBA ‘21, Ecosystem Integrity Fund, Bay Area, CA