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Climate: Politics, Finance and Infrastructure Final Projects

For their final project, students in Climate: Politics, Finance and Infrastructure (Seiger, Gordon, Law 2513) delivered a suite of compelling financial and policy interventions to achieve large-scale climate impact. Check out their great ideas below.
Highway with mountain and clouds in background

A Green Complement to the Belt & Road Initiative

Madeline Andrews, Ruby Ghastin, Michael Perlmutter, Kyra Sikora

Carbon Capture Usage & Storage

James Fong, Josh LaFianza, David Liou, Emily Rogers & Mirrin Snel

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Equity in Multilateral Climate Agreements

Lillian Childress, Lea Hirschi, Nicole Rojas, Greg Zegas, Melissa Zhang
Thunderstorm at sea

Fannie, Freddie, and Climate Risk: Is Building Back Always Better?

Jessica Barzilay, Danielle Diuguid, Peter Grogan, Catherine Rocchi, Ben Ruxin
Golden Gate bridget

Hydrogen in California: How Policy will Design Waste to Hydrogen

Catherine Berner, Rachel Bowanko, Will George, Karim Ibrik, Sophie Janaskie
Justice statue

Lessons from Global & National Environment Justice Policy for US Government

Alwin Hui, Veena Katragadda, Kyounghwa Lee, Siddarth Shrikanth
Sunset over New York City skyline

Reimagining Food Production and Accessibility in New York City

Leia de Guzman, Royce Gene, Vivas Kumar, Jesse Lazarus, Abigail Mathieson
Nuclear power plant cooling tower at sunrise

A New Nuclear Future for Energy

Naj Estrella, Sylvia Koh, Sangwoon Lee, Antonia vom Dahl
Peruvian mountains with blue sky and white clouds

An Approach on How to Develop Long-Lasting NDCs within the Paris Agreement

Natalia Alayza
Aerial view of New Delhi

Bridging Industrial Policy and Climate Policy: Is Particulate Emission Trading System an Appropriate Solution? A Case Study of New Delhi

Kriti Jha