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Climate: Politics, Finance and Infrastructure Final Projects

For their final project, students in Climate: Politics, Finance and Infrastructure (Seiger, Gordon, Law 2513) delivered a suite of compelling financial and policy interventions to achieve large-scale climate impact. Check out their great ideas below.
EV battery

A Circular Economy for EV Batteries

William Dean, Sidni Frederick, Daniel Gajardo, Eric Nevalsky, Natalie Urban
Offshore wind turbines

A Study of the Offshore Wind Industry Market and Policy and Potential Applications of Printed Circuit Board Technology

Ting Tao
Chilean flag in front of buildings in Santiago

Accelerating Building Energy Efficiency in Chile

Bastián Cabrera, Sebastián León, Cooper Wetherbee, Louise White
Wind turbines with mountains in the background

Avoiding a Jagged Transition to Clean Energy: Presenting the Sustainable Energy Transition Organization

Calli Obern
Cooked salmon on a plate with a salad

Cell-Cultured Seafood

Johanna Eriksson, Beverly See, Hannah Sieber
Two colors of ink coming together

Does Blended Finance Need to be Customized to Each Emerging Market and Low-Middle Income Country to Be Effective as a Climate Finance Solution?

Mansoor Rathore
Solar panels in green field

Fostering the Next Energy Era of Distributed Energy Resources: Policy Analysis

Kevin Dousa
Close-up of Abraham Lincoln on bill

Green Bonds and the Municipal Bond Market: An Evaluation on the Opportunities and Limitations of Climate Finance

Devon S. Wilson
Indian flag with city skyline behind it

Green Bonds in India: An Effective Climate Finance Instrument?

Konadu Amoakuh, Yoshi Oka, Jeff Pontell, Jayne Stevenson, Nicolas Vial
Hydrogen molecules

Hydrogen Economy

Eliza Lajoie, Keiichi Morita, Hiroyuki Tachiiri