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2021 Undergraduates

Portrait of Evan Baldonado

Evan Baldonado is a rising junior majoring in Computer Science. He is interested in environmental justice, public service, and social movements and is involved with Students for a Sustainable Stanford on campus. This summer, through SUPER, Evan is working with Professor Jon Krosnick’s Political Psychology Research Group (PPRG). Along with Jordan Deasy from SUPER and others, Evan is working on a project with Dr. Bo MacInnis to better understand the ecosystem of U.S. public opinion polls that have questions related to global warming/climate change.

Portrait of Cynthia Chen

Cynthia Chen is a rising sophomore planning on majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Management Science and Engineering. Her past experiences working with energy include co-founding a renewable battery startup and working in smart-window related research in high school. As a SUPER participant, Cynthia is working in June Flora and Ram Rajagopal’s lab to build out an energy usage program for high school students by building out extensions in Tableau for students to more effectively visualize and understand their energy usage data, including implementing statistical analyses via Professor Rajagopal’s VISDOM platform, machine learning techniques, and various time series data visualizations. The group will conjunctively build out the program curriculum to better understand how students interact with data science techniques and implement an energy change program. Cynthia’s interest in this work stems from her involvement with data science and CS this past year at Stanford, through coursework and extracurriculars, and she hopes to use the methodologies of this project to connect to a broader range of data.

Portrait of Jocelyn Chen

Jocelyn Chen is a rising junior majoring in chemistry and music. This summer, she is working with Sarah Saltzer and Sally Benson on the Pathways to Carbon Neutrality project looking at ways to effectively achieve net-zero carbon emissions in California. Her interest in energy stems from her love of nature and past work with food systems and sustainability. In her free time, she likes to play piano, go outdoors, travel, bake, and make crafts.

Portrait of Jordan Deasy

Jordan Deasy is a rising senior studying Urban Studies and Data Science. She is interested in urban policy, sustainability, and decision making. This summer, she is working with Professor Jon Krosnick on understanding U.S. public opinion related to climate change through methodology such as public opinion polling.

Portrait of Kenny Hua

Kenny Hua is a rising sophomore studying Earth Systems at Stanford University. Growing up in the Inland Empire in Southern California, Kenny witnessed how marginalized communities are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change and environmental hazards, sparking his interests in environmental health and education. Immersed in advocacy, he was exposed to grassroots efforts to urge for a transition to clean energy. This summer, Kenny will be working in Dr. Nicole Ardoin’s lab, investigating collecting environmental literacy.

Portrait of Alexander Nelson

Alexander Nelson is a traditional chemistry and Earth systems major interested in the development of chemical science for use in environmental applications such as energy storage and decarbonization. He is also passionate about promoting the global transition of energy systems to renewable technologies. After participating in SUPER last Summer, Alexander has continued working with Professor Mark Jacobson on creating, updating and experimenting with new data infographic presentations for the Stanford Solutions Project, who has worked to develop roadmaps to 100% renewable energy profiles for 140 countries worldwide. This project has allowed him to experience science communication at a high stakes level, and to participate in a long-term project that stands to make a meaningful impact for years to come.

Portrait of Elena Sierra

Elena Sierra is a rising sophomore considering a major in Electrical Engineering. She is passionate about decreasing carbon dioxide emissions and about sustainable technologies; SUPER is her first experience with research. This Summer, she is working with David Fedor on carbon tax policy. Her role is to conduct a case study of nations that have implemented carbon tax policies and analyze the effects of those policies. Did these carbon taxes decrease emissions? By how much did the emissions decrease? How did the taxes affect the economy? How did citizens perceive and react to carbon taxes? This project is an opportunity for her to tell a story with her findings to present to policy makers when they consider carbon tax legislation.

Portrait of Andrew Sleugh

Andrew Sleugh is a rising Junior studying Materials Science and Engineering. He is interested in renewable energy and its integration into society from both technological and economic standpoints. This summer, he is working with Professor Wendy Gu and Andrew Lee to help better understand the mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement in structural steel in order to aid the transformation of existing gas infrastructure to hydrogen-compatible systems. Andrew’s primary focus will be strain mapping analysis of fractured metal specimens as well as using other microstructural characterization techniques to identify trends in the pathways and effects of embrittlement. His hobbies include cooking, finding new music, and playing basketball and beach volleyball.

Portrait of Haley Stafford

Haley Stafford is a rising sophomore and aspiring activist, engineer, and policymaker interested in the intersection of sustainability, environmental justice, and public policy. She intends to pursue a degree in Materials Science Engineering and minor in either Urban Studies or Public Policy. As a participant of the IntroSems Plus Research Program last winter, she wrote a policy memo detailing policy measures that the Biden Administration can take to decarbonize America’s infrastructure. Her positive research experience prompted her to apply to SUPER. This summer, Haley is working with Dr. June Flora to create an online youth education program that teaches middle school-aged students how to visualize and interpret their household energy consumption data and drive behavior change to decrease electricity usage. She is also producing promotional videos for Stanford Energy that highlight Stanford’s Powernet and Designing Your Energy Lifestyle (DYEL) projects.