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2020 Summer Undergraduates

Portrait of Sarah Bloom

Sarah Bloom is a rising sophomore interested in Symbolic Systems and Mechanical Engineering. She took Energy Options for the 21st Century earlier this year, which led her to SUPER as her first Stanford research experience. This summer, Sarah is working with Dr. Michael Machala's research group on a low-cost greenhouse in rural India which uses energy-efficient construction to improve farmer's livelihoods using the energy already present in their environment. Her individual role is to build out web and mobile interfaces to view live metrics of different sites of the system and remotely set new configurations. Sarah is excited to be using engineering and computer science to promote energy-efficiency and make a positive impact on people's lives.

Portrait of Hugo Budd

Hugo Budd is is a rising sophomore planning on majoring in Atmosphere/Energy. He is interested in renewable integration and technology, energy storage, and climate justice. He wants to study how energy impacts people, and how renewables and storage can be used sustainably to reduce carbon emissions and expand energy access. This summer, he is working with the Jackson Lab on quantifying methane emissions from residential natural gas-fired appliances. He is developing a microcontroller-based logger that can measure a home's gas usage in high resolution. The group will use this device in field studies. When combined with data from spectrometers and other loggers, the group will be able to extrapolate an accurate estimate for aggregate methane emissions from homes in US.

Portrait of Carlos Ciudad-Real

Carlos Ciudad-Real is a rising coterm in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in Atmosphere/Energy. He recently graduated with a BS in Environmental Systems Engineering with honors. His academic interests include environmental fluid mechanics, air quality engineering and energy/transportation systems. One way in which these interests intersect is through his undergraduate honors thesis which studied the resource potentials of tidal and wave energy along California’s coast and estimated the revenue potential with and without payments for reducing air pollution damages. Carlos’ professional goal is to work in Californian energy and environmental policy. In particular, he is interested in conducting techno-economic modeling that will support California’s effort to electrify its transportation system. This issue is one that he is personally invested in given my experiences in California’s Inland Empire which is a region that is disproportionately harmed by air quality stemming from light and heavy-duty vehicles. This summer Carlos will be working with Prof. Stefan Reichelstein on a valuation model for battery electric vehicle batteries for a second-life stationary storage applications. He hopes that this work will shed light on the life cycle value of electric vehicles and hopefully make a stronger economic case for the deployment of electric vehicles because of their salvage value.

Portrait of Matthew Dardet

Matthew Dardet is a senior at Stanford University studying political science, statistics, and the history of law. As part of SUPER, he is working this summer to test hypotheses about, analyze, and ultimately generate updated guidelines for an econometric, statistical, and survey methodology known as contingent valuation for estimating the value of environmental public goods in the United States. This methodology plays an integral role in providing courts, corporations, and government officials with insight into the economic preferences of an informed public, particularly as they pertain to public goods and environmental damage assessments. He is currently co-authoring a book with Professor Jon A. Krosnick and colleagues about the contingent valuation methodology and is writing an honors thesis on refining survey methodologies to more accurately poll the American public. He loves to golf and play the bass in symphonies, chamber ensembles, and jazz bands.

Portrait of Sebastian Marin-Quiros

Sebastian "Seba" Marin-Quiros is a rising sophomore intending to study Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in energy storage methods that will maximize the possible renewable energy penetration in our energy mix. While he definitely plans on pursuing from a technical angle, he is very interested in learning about energy policy and industry as well. This summer, he is doing this by working with Prof. Arun Majumdar's lab to bring methane pyrolysis, a low emissions hydrogen production method, from a technical to a market stage. Within this project, he has spent most of his time studying the catalyst regeneration process.

Portrait of Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott is a rising Junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He has long been interested in design and the intersection between mechanical systems and electronics. This summer he is working with Dr. Michael Machala and Frederick Tan of the Precourt Institute for Energy Research on the HotBucket Project, a rugged, and inexpensive way for farmers in India to better assess their crop quality. By connecting produce buyers to their respective sellers, the team hopes to reduce the current 30% net crop waste in the Indian subcontinent. Michael is working on designing, developing and prototyping lighting systems that will allow for the Machine Vision system to properly analyze the crops quantitatively. He hopes that his work on the project will help Indian farmers, make an impact on reducing crop wastes, and create a more efficient agricultural system in rural parts of India.

Sabrina Mengrani is a rising senior majoring in Earth Systems.

Portrait of Alexander Nelson

Alexander Nelson is a rising senior majoring in traditional chemistry and Earth systems. He is interested in the development of chemical science for use in environmental applications such as energy storage, CO2 conversion, agriculture and green synthetic chemistry. He is also passionate about promoting the global transition of energy systems to renewable technologies. Alexander is working with Professor Mark Jacobson on creating new data infographic presentations for the Solutions Project, whose work entails the development of 100% clean, renewable energy (Green New Deal) roadmaps for dozens of cities worldwide. This project is an opportunity for him to experience science communication at a high stakes level.

Portrait of Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner is a rising junior planning on majoring in Energy Resources Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. Through prior experience in construction, travel, and military service, along with his love for nature and the sciences, Kevin has become interested in the intersectionality of infrastructure design, integrated systems, energy technologies, and resource management. This summer, he will be working with Professor Stefan Reichelstein on analysing the potential for heat capture from Stanford's own SESI and its cooling system.

Portrait of Austin Stack

Hi! My name is Austin Stack, and I'm super stoked and grateful to be working in areas I'm so passionate about this summer - energy and sustainability. I grew up in Salem, OR and lived there my whole life before coming to CA for school. Home will always hold a special place in my heart. Having access to beautiful outdoor spaces made getting into natural spaces easy, and I grew up to love hiking, backpacking, skiing and all things outdoors. It's also where my family is: my two parents (who hold down the fort in Salem) as well as my older brother Ian who's going into his senior year at UO.

At school I enjoy spending as much time with my friends as possible, running the dish, taking weekend trips to the beach, playing basketball, and hitting up TAP for waffle fries. I'm currently in the CEE (Civil & Env Engineering) department, w/ a track in Atmosphere & Energy - my goal post grad is to apply these skills towards progress in both policy and energy.

Connery Wood is a rising junior dual-majoring in Physics and Geophysics. Having been interested in applying the mechanics of science to making the world a better place, he is now working as an intern with Professor Mark Jacobson to achieve a 100% clean energy plan for 143 countries around the world by 2050. He is helping translate the spreadsheet of information on energy use, costs, and benefits for a clean energy plan into individualized forms for individual countries.

Portrait of Emily Wong

Emily Wong is a rising junior intending to study Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Modern Languages. She is especially interested in the intersection of engineering and environmental conservation. This summer, she is working with professor Arun Majumdar on direct conversion of methane to methanol through photocatalysis, and is looking forward to this introduction to the field of energy!

Portrait of Jevan Yu

Jevan Yu is a rising sophomore considering a major in Mathematical and Computational Science. His current research interests include energy system optimization and, broadly speaking, computational geosciences. This summer, he is working with Professor John Weyant on an uncertainty characterization of high bioenergy deployment scenarios in GCAM, one of the major integrated assessment models.

Portrait of Takao Yatagai

Takao Yatagai is a rising junior, soon to declare Computer Science. He has been interested in renewable energies from last year, since he did a research project, with SUPER with Dr. Simona Onori on grid-scale batteries. In his second year of pursing renewable energy research, he is working with Professor John Weyant to assess how certain parameters, such as electric vehicle integration, affects the long-term predictions of renewable energy integration in the grid, using the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) model, an integrated assessment model. Some of my hobbies include drinking coffee, playing soccer and tennis, and going to the beach!

Portrait of Rosadriana Zelaya

Rosadriana Zelaya recently graduated with a bachelors in chemical engineering. She is interested in the development and improvement of technologies for renewable energy and hopes to pursue a career in that area after graduate school. This summer Rosa is working with Professor Sally Benson and Michael Machala on improving drying methods of chili peppers in order to reduce energy required for storage. In her free time Rosa enjoys cooking, dancing and rock climbing. She will start her graduate studies in the fall.