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StorageX International Symposium Registration

StorageX International Symposium

Friday, January 29, 2021
7:00-8:45am Pacific Time (15:00-16:45 GMT)

Live from Stanford: join the Precourt Institute for Energy for our twice-monthly StorageX International Symposia.
Stanford faculty & global industry experts discuss materials, devices, systems, theory, simulation & economics across the spectrum of energy storage applications — from electronics & EVs, to backing up the grid & renewables. 

Presenting this week:

Andrea Pedretti
Co-Founder and CTO, Energy Vault
"The Strategic Role of Gravity Energy Storage in the Transition to Carbon-Free Electricity"

Jörg Heinemann
CEO, EnerVenue
"Ultra-durable, Ultra-flexible Energy Storage for Tomorrow's Grid"

Marco Ferrara
Co-Founder, Form Energy
"Best practice modeling to achieve low carbon grids"

Hosts:  Prof. Will Chueh and Prof. Yi Cui (Director, Precourt Institute for Energy)
as Faculty Co-Directors, Stanford StorageX Initiative.

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