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Radical New Energy Storage Technologies

In addition to addressing near-term practical and fundamental challenges in the energy storage industry, StorageX also explores radical new technologies and concepts that have the potential to dramatically improve upon today's technologies but have a long runway to potential implementation. Our work in this area includes:

  • Developing new battery chemistries with drastically improved energy density, charge rates, and or/cost (e.g. Li metal anodes, Na-ion batteries, hydrogen batteries, etc.)
  • Using machine learning to predict new materials with the potential to meet various practical criteria (e.g. solid electrolytes with high electrochemical stability and ionic conducitivity and low processing costs, new electrode materials with high reversible capacity, etc.)
  • Using informatics based approaches to understand which combinations of new materials are likely to result in promising full-cell performance


Data Science Lead
Consumer Electronics Lead
Manufacturing Lead
Stationary Storage Lead