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Long Duration Energy Storage

Shifting renewable energy power such as wind and solar from times of over supply to times of over demand has the potential to maximize the utilization of renewable energy sources and increase the penetration of these technologies within energy infrastructures. This requires shifting energy from day to night, week to week, and season to season. This requires energy storage technologies with exceptionally low self-discharge, high round-trip efficiency, and long lifetime. StorageX tackles this challenge by:

  • Performing life cycle assessments to develop technoeconomic targets for lifetime, efficiency, and cost for various storage durations
  • Analyzing local demand and renewable resource heterogeneities to determine the most efficient locations and capacity of stationary storage installations
  • Developing novel non-Li-ion energy storage technologies that take advantage of the reduced space and mass constraints for stationary applications, such as flow batteries and non-electrochemical energy storage


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Technoeconomics Lead
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