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Battery Reuse, Rejuvenation, and Recycling

If current projections are met, hundreds of millions of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will be on the road by 2040. To mitigate the environmental damage producing and disposing of so many battery packs would cause, energy efficient and cost effective means of battery reuse and recycling must be developed. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity to capture some of the residual value in the BEV battery pack at the end of life. StorageX tackles these challenges through a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary study of the technical and economic feasibility of several promising battery reuse and recycling strategies. These include:

  • Determining the levelized second-life cost of degraded battery modules and packs for various applications, including second-hand BEVs and stationary storage installations.
  • Developing cost-effective module- and pack-level rejuvenation methods to repair battery damage
  • Developing more efficient methods for extracting and purifying valuable raw materials from degraded battery packs


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