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StorageX Faculty Director Will Chueh provides an overview of his group's recent activities on understanding battery phenomena that bridge an enormous span in length scales at the Stanford Energy Seminar.
StorageX Faculty Director Yi Cui discusses the state of lithium ion battery technology and how far it may be able to go in the future at the Stanford Global Energy Forum.
StorageX Faculty Director William Chueh gives a Stanford Online webinar discussing emerging energy storage technologies.
The inaugural StorageX International Symposium on May 21 will feature Profs. M. Stanley Whittingham (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 2019) and Jun Liu (Director for the Battery500 Consortium).
The second StorageX International Symposium on May 29 features Dr. Khalil Amine of Argonne National Laboratory, speaking on Advances in Lithium-Ion and Sulfur System; and Prof. Peter Bruce, University of Oxford, presenting Walking Back to Happiness – O-redox Li Battery Cathodes.
The third StorageX International Symposium on June 5 features Prof. Nazar of University of Waterloo, followed by panel discussion with Prof. Janek, Justus Liebig University.
The fourth StorageX International Symposium will feature Prof. Clare Grey of the University of Cambridge, speaking on "From NCA to NMC-811: Structure, Dynamics and Degradation;" and Prof. Gerbrand Ceder, UC Berkeley, presenting "High-performance disordered rocksalt cathodes as novel chemistries for Li-ion batteries."
This week's StorageX International Symposium features Prof. Doron Aurbach of Bar Ilan University, speaking on “Frontiers in R&D of high energy density rechargeable batteries” and Dr. Kang Xu, US Army Research Laboratory, presenting “Interphases: what, how and why”.
This week's StorageX International Symposium features Prof. Yet-Ming Chang of MIT speaking on “Energy Storage from the Macro to Micro Perspective” and Prof. Yi Cui, Stanford University, presenting “Nanoscale Understanding and Design of Materials and Interphases for Batteries”.
This week's StorageX International Symposium features Prof. Manthiram of University of Texas speaking on “Oxide Cathode Chemistry for Batteries: Richness and Complexities” and Prof. Chueh, Stanford University, presenting “Designing Intercalation for High-Valent & Uniform Redox”.
This week's StorageX International Symposium features Prof. Kristina Edström of Uppsala University Sweden, speaking on "Long term visions and research needs for studying the batteries of the future" and Prof. Saiful Islam, University of Bath, presenting "Atomic-Scale Insights into Solid Electrolytes and Lithium-rich Cathodes".