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Stanford Climate Ventures

Spring 2021 project lead application form (due March 5, 2021):

Spring 2021 general interest form:


About the course

Solving the global climate challenge will require the creation and successful scale-up of hundreds of new ventures. Stanford Climate Ventures (ENERGY 203) is a project-based course that practices the development and creation of transformational climate ventures and innovation models. Interdisciplinary teams will research, analyze, and develop detailed launch plans for high-impact opportunities in the context of the new climate venture development framework offered in this course. Throughout the quarter, teams will complete 70+ interviews with customers, sector experts, and other partners in the emerging climatetech ecosystem, with introductions facilitated by the teaching team's unique networks in this space.

Project lead applications for spring 2021 are due by March 5 11:59pm PT at Students interested in joining a project team, please briefly indicate your interest in the course at


Impact Numbers

Since 2016, Stanford Climate Ventures has been the launchpad for 45 distinct projects, resulting in 25 new companies. These companies have raised over $46.5M in funding to pursue further development, and SCV companies can be found in 9 different countries on 5 different continents.


Teaching Team

Stanford Climate Ventures is led by two Precourt Energy Scholars with decades of energy technology, business, and policy expertise:

  • David Danielson: managing director of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, former assistant secretary of energy efficiency and renewable energy at the U.S. Department of Energy (
  • Joel Moxley: founder of Foro Energy and Rho AI; founding investor at Zero Mass Water, Rubicon Global, and Pie Insurance (


2020-21 ENERGY 203 Course Details

Offered every autumn (seminar), winter, and spring quarter (project-based).

If you have additional questions, please contact course assistants Juliana Lu-Yang ( and Paul Walter (