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Images of particles made from a promising battery cathode material called NMC

Undergraduate Research

Department of Energy Scholars Program

The Department of Energy (DOE) Scholars program introduces undergraduates or recent graduates to the mission of the DOE.

The George and Charlotte Shultz Fellowship for Modern Israel Studies

The George and Charlotte Shultz Fellowship in Modern Israel Studies supports student research on issues relevant to modern Israel and the betterment of Israeli-Arab relations.  This year, in conjunction with the Precourt Institute for Energy, the fellowship will also support a student interested in pursuing energy–related research in Israel.

MAP Sustainable Energy Fellowships

The MAP Sustainable Energy Fellowships provide eighteen 3-month and three 1-year paid, high-impact Fellowships, located throughout the United States, China, Nicaragua and Malaysia. These fellowships are a tremendous opportunity for individuals interested in exploring a career in sustainable energy: advocacy, education, application, research or policy.

Stanford Undergraduate Program on Energy Research (SUPER)

The Precourt Institute for Energy Summer Undergraduate Program on Energy Research aims to provide undergraduates with opportunities for work on faculty mentored and individualized energy research.  Undergraduates will delve deeply into one aspect of energy research while also gaining exposure to energy research across Stanford University.

Sustainable Stanford Internship Program

The Sustainable Stanford Internship Program provides a paid opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience implementing programs that influence on-campus sustainability. Each intern will commit to a summer or academic year-long program working to manage a campus sustainability project and bring about tangible results.

TomKat Center energyStartup Internships

The TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy has two internship programs. The objectives of the summer internships are for students to gain work experience, develop applied engineering knowledge, learn entrepreneurship in a start-up environment, and build upon their academic studies.