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Images of particles made from a promising battery cathode material called NMC

Networked Battery Systems Lab: a systems research lab at the intersection of battery systems, IOT and grid

Bits & Watts Initiative

PIs: Ram Rajagopal, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Phil Levis, Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Abbas El Gamal, Department of Electrical Engineering.  

A networked battery system is a collection of batteries in cars and buildings interconnected by the power grid and by communication networks, including connection to the “cloud”. With this funding the researchers will develop a first-of-its kind networked battery systems laboratory to address issues associated with these systems such as closed and proprietary battery management and the simplistic operation models that can hamper the ability to provide high value grid services and coordination. The lab will enable experimentation and exploration of new battery systems, battery management solutions and testing in EV charging and grid storage applications and has the potential to provide answers to critical questions around battery systems and grid applications.