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Images of particles made from a promising battery cathode material called NMC

Ecosystem-inspired biosystems design of energy-efficient enzymatic CO2 fixation

Precourt Institute for Energy

PI: Soichi Wakatsuki, Structural Biology, Stanford, and Photon Sciences, SLAC; Co-PIs: Christopher Francis, Earth System Science, and Polly Fordyce, Genetics and Bioengineering; Collaborators: Hasan DeMirci, SLAC, and Marc Deller, ChEM-H Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center

This team comprises faculty from SLAC, the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering and the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences. The researchers plan to develop a bioreactor of immobilized, engineered enzymes to efficiently convert CO2 into organic compounds like new biofuels. To do this, they will produce three-dimensional structural details of key carbon-fixation enzymes and engineer an improved set of enzymes for faster, more energy-efficient reactions.