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Images of particles made from a promising battery cathode material called NMC

Defining and Managing Oxygen-Limitations of Soils for Negative CO2 Emissions

Precourt Institute for Energy

PIs: Scott Fendorf and Robert Jackson, Department of Earth System Science


Project Summary

Soils can function as a CO2 sink and in general, soil carbon stocks increase when inputs to the soil carbon pool from plant litter and detritus are greater than the outputs from microbial respiration. However, the controls of soil microbial respiration remain unresolved. This project brings together a new team of faculty who will investigate the effects of microsites, depleted of oxygen, on soil organic carbon. The researchers will employ and advance a process-based model that incorporates the contribution of these microsites to soil carbon storage and greenhouse gas evolution, inclusive of N2O, CH4, and CO2 emissions. The ultimate goal of this work is to define soil management recommendations to maximize negative CO2 emissions potential.