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Images of particles made from a promising battery cathode material called NMC


Precourt Institute for Energy

PI: Michael Lepech, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Student: Tess Hegarty


Project Summary

Building materials are generally energy intensive to make, like concrete and steel, or limited natural resources, like wood. Meanwhile, construction is probably the only industry large enough to use vast quantities of fossil fuels without burning them. This project envisions buildings made completely from carbon produced by heating—not combusting—natural gas. The carbon materials will absorb solar power for heat and electricity, as well as conduct electricity to appliances and batteries. The researchers will target CarbonHouse for rapidly urbanizing, economically developing countries. This seed project will develop a set of life cycle inventories for the materials, a life cycle assessment of the buildings, and design support tools that also assess meeting sustainability targets.



1. Probabilistic Life Cycle Assessment for a New Carbon-Composite Building Material Paradigm. In preparation

2. Uncertainty Analysis by Monte Carlo Simulation in a Life Cycle Assessment of a New Unitary Material Logic for Buildings. In preparation