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Precourt Institute

Nicolas Astier

Nicolas is a postdoctoral fellow within the Bits & Watts Initiative at the Precourt Institute for Energy. His research focuses on the transformation of the electricity industry, using insights from industrial organization, market design and regulation, and applied microeconomics. His current topics of interest include the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, and the planning and operation of the electricity grid with an increasing amount of distributed energy resources.

Stephen Comello

Stephen Comello leads the Energy Business Innovation focus area at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is also a senior fellow at the Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, and a research lead at the Bits & Watts Initiative. His work examines the organization of innovation and how technology and policy coevolve to influence the economic attractiveness of advanced energy solutions.

Michael G. Borja

A native to the Central Valley, Michael G. Borja developed a career focus within the realm of finance during his undergrad experience at UC Davis, earning a BS in Economics. Borja started his Stanford career working in first and second year student programs as part of the Business Team for Stanford Introductory Studies with the Vice Provost Office for Undergraduate Education (VPUE). After 3 gainful years, he transitioned into the dynamic workspace at Stanford Energy.

Arpita Kalra

Arpita Kalra is a program manager at the Precourt Institute for Energy. In this role she supports the Institute's outreach efforts and manages current and upcoming external engagement programs. Prior to Stanford, she worked in the advertising industry as a media planner and buyer where she developed and executed marketing campaigns across print, electronic and social media. Arpita holds a masters in Marketing Communications from the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) in India and a bachelors in Statistics from Delhi University.

Dian Grueneich

Dian Grueneich retired from Stanford in the fall of 2018 but remains affiliated as a Precourt Energy Scholar. Dian also continues as a member of the Shultz-Stephenson Energy Policy Task Force at the Hoover Institution and as an affiliated scholar with The Bill Lane Center for the American West.

Miki Yu

Miki Yu joined Precourt Institute for Energy (PIE) as an Event and Outreach Program Planner. In this role she will help shape the programs that PIE, TomKat Center and GCEP offer as they build greater visibility within the Stanford community, the energy community at large, and throughout the world.


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