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Energy Seminar: Tom Jaramillo – Catalyzing a sustainable future – Developing new processes for the chemical and energy sectors

Recent years have seen unprecedented motivation for the emergence of new energy technologies. Global dependence on fossil fuels, however, will persist until alternate technologies can compete economically. We must develop means to produce energy (or energy carriers) from renewable sources and then convert them to work as efficiently and cleanly as possible. Catalysis is energy conversion, and the Jaramillo laboratory focuses on fundamental catalytic processes occurring on solid-state surfaces in both the production and consumption of energy.

CANCELED - Energy Seminar: Carla J. Peterman, Southern California Edison

Speaker bio

Carla Peterman is senior vice president of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs at Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. She is responsible at the national and state levels for the company’s Regulatory Affairs, Energy and Environmental Policy, Strategic Planning, and Resource and Environmental Planning and Strategy organizations, overseeing regulatory strategy and operations and environmental affairs.

Energy Seminar: Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector - Alysia Green, Chevron

The drive to deliver affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy is fueled by our ability to fully harness the potential of digital technologies. And the challenges go far beyond the tech. This seminar explores the technological and cultural site of digital transformation in the energy sector, from challenging conventional thinking to innovating at scale to cultivating continuous learning absent of organizational lines.

Speaker bio

An Entrepreneurial Journey to Solve Climate Change – Wins, Failures, and Lessons Learned; Bill Gross

Bill Gross is a pioneering renewable energy entrepreneur who has created seven billion-dollar-plus exits. Starting with creating a company called Solar Devices in high school, Bill has created more than 150 companies with more than 50 IPOs and acquisitions over the last 30 years.

Bill is the creator of one of the first, and now longest-running technology incubators – Idealab – which he founded in 1996 and still runs as the world’s leading startup studio.

Hydrogen's role in achieving net-zero carbon emissions for the global economy: Joe Powell

While electricity will assume a dominant role in conveyance of clean energy to end users, sectors such as heavy-duty trucking and transport, marine, aviation, and heavy industry are more difficult to decarbonize, and will benefit from the higher energy density and storage afforded by hydrogen as a vector.   Hydrogen can also be used to synthesize other molecular energy carriers and chemicals for recycle of carbon to achieve circularity.  This seminar will examine the challenges and multiple synergistic opportunities for hydrogen in future energy and chemical systems.     Is now the time for


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