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Long-term planning for EV charging: large-scale modeling of control and driver behavior

Speaker: Siobhan Powell

Seminar Abstract: Siobhan Powell will discuss her work building a toolkit of data-driven methods to support long-term planning and policymaking for electric vehicle charging in California. She will illustrate large-scale modeling of charging control and present the SPEECH model (Scalable Probabilistic Estimates of Electric vehicle CHarging), which captures the wide range of behaviors observed in real EV driver charging demand data.

Smart Grid Seminar: Energy Atlas: Fine-grained mapping of DERs and infrastructures with ML


Speaker: Zhecheng Wang

Seminar Abstract: Zhecheng Wang will discuss how he developed domain-tailored machine learning models and leveraged multi-modal geospatial data to construct "Energy Atlas". Energy Atlas is a large-scale map overlay for distributed energy resources (DERs) and electricity infrastructures. This can address challenges in renewable energy adoption and climate change mitigation.


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