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Energy Seminar: Andrew Ponec, Antora Energy

Inexpensive, long-duration energy storage is necessary to enable the widespread deployment of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, but existing technologies fall short. To meet this need, Antora Energy is combining high-temperature thermal energy storage with novel, high-efficiency thermophotovoltaic energy conversion. When excess electricity is available – for example, at mid-day in electric power systems with high solar penetration – a resistive element is used to heat an inexpensive thermal storage medium contained in a large, insulated tank.

Sector Coupling of the Electric and Gas Systems in North America



The energy transition offers a unique opportunity to design sustainable energy systems for the future that couple electricity and natural gas systems to address issues of reliability, resiliency, affordability, and equity. 


This workshop brings together thought leaders from academia, industry, government agencies, and NGOs to discuss the latest advances in the energy transition and strategies for building a clean, integrated energy economy that benefits all communities.


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