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Dian Grueneich

Dian Grueneich

Affiliate, Precourt Institute for Energy

Dian Grueneich retired from Stanford in the fall of 2018 but remains affiliated as a Precourt Energy Scholar. Dian also continues as a member of the Shultz-Stephenson Energy Policy Task Force at the Hoover Institution and as an affiliated scholar with The Bill Lane Center for the American West.

Dian is an expert on energy efficiency, demand response, smart grid, renewable energy resources, transmission, and climate change. She has extensive experience in energy policy and regulation, utilities, market development and innovation, and key factors driving U.S. and global energy investments.

In 2014, Dian joined Stanford as a senior research scholar at the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center and at the Energy Policy Task Force. In these roles, she led the university's engagement on state and regional energy issues and focused her research on the next level of energy efficiency. With Bruce Cain, professor of political science at Stanford, Dian created the course "Energy Policy in California & The West." Bruce continues to teach the course. She also spearheaded with Bruce and others development of the Stanford Energy Internships in California and the West (SEICW), a partnership of the Precourt Institute for Energy, Bill Lane Center for the American West, Haas Center for Public Service, and Stanford in Government.

Additionally, since 2018, Dian has taught the graduate course "Energy Efficiency: Technology, Policy, and Investment" with Stephen Comello, continuing a focus on the rapid changes in energy efficiency.

Dian and Steve offer a professional education course in Building Energy Efficiency as part of Stanford’s Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certificate Program (see links below).

Dian was a Commissioner on the California Public Utilities Commission from 2005 to 2010. She led its work on energy efficiency, transmission planning and permitting, and implementation of AB 32, California’s climate change law. Dian initiated the California Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative and was the first chair of the Western Governors' Association's demand-side management committee for Western transmission planning.

Dian began her career in the late 1970’s, working for the State of California in developing the first-ever clean energy policies and programs. She is a graduate of Stanford and holds a J.D. from Georgetown University.

Professional Development: XEIET203 - Building Energy Efficiency:

Stanford’s Energy Innovation & Emerging Technologies Program:

Stanford’s California and Western Energy Lecture Series: