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David T. Danielson

David Danielson profile

David T. Danielson

Precourt Energy Scholar

David T. Danielson joined Stanford University on June 1, 2016, as a Precourt Energy Scholar.  He is involved in a number of Precourt Institute for Energy initiatives, including co-teaching a yearlong course in Autumn 2016 called the Energy Transformation Collaborative (ETC), which gives students direct access to the insights of global energy leaders to develop high-impact, clean-energy projects.

Prior to joining the Precourt Institute, Danielson served as assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) for four years, where he led the largest government clean-energy innovation funding agency in the world. At EERE, he directed the U.S. government’s innovation strategy in the areas of sustainable transportation, renewable power, energy efficiency and clean-energy manufacturing, investing about $2 billion annually into American clean-energy innovation. He is considered a global expert in the development of next generation clean-energy technologies and the creation of new R&D and organizational models for high-impact clean energy innovation.

Prior to being appointed by President Obama as assistant secretary of EERE, Danielson was employee #1 at the DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency– Energy (ARPA-E), a highly successful funding agency that focuses on the development of high-risk, high-reward clean-energy technologies. Prior to his government service, he was a clean-energy venture capitalist and, as a PhD student at MIT, was the founder and president of the MIT Energy Club.