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Innovative Transportation Systems - ENVRES 255

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Stefan Heck
Stefan Heck
Consulting Professor, Stanford University
Former Director at McKinsey & Company
Thursdays, 2:15 - 5:50 PM
Location: Y2E2, RM 161
Units: 3     Autumn 2014
ENVRES 255   Class #31785
Research Seminar
Limited to 15 Masters &
PhD Students

Commuting time can be shortened, stress and congestion reduced, with new technologies and innovative business models. Really! What combination of integrated scheduling, optimal transportation design for large regional employers, new business models such as ap-driven ridesharing and carpooling, behavioral incentive programs and autonomous vehicles could lead to this smooth ride?

This applied research seminar will study key challenges within the Bay Area regional transportation system that could lead to pilots jointly with companies and regional transit authorities to test new innovations. Stanford  students will design and implement pilot projects during the winter and spring quarters to reduce fuel/energy use, increase asset utilization, and reduce congestion and accidents.

This course is part of the Precourt Institute for Energy’s new Energy Transformation Collaborative. ETC will (1) demonstrate solutions to complex energy problems that policymakers and practitioners can replicate and scale, and (2) develop a new crop of Stanford-trained leaders who can apply rigorous classroom and lab-based learning to addressing real-world challenges.

Enrollment by application only and limited to 15 Masters and PhD students. Please email a paragraph expressing why you want to participate in this course, including your experience and research in energy and transportation sectors. Send application to by 9/16/14.