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Stanford Global Energy Heroes

Stanford Global Energy Heroes is a competition to recognize young people around the world who are creating sustainable energy solutions to benefit their communities. 

Share your solution in a three-minute video to compete for
one of three $20,000 cash prizes plus a trip to the 2020 Stanford Global Energy Forum.
Open to anyone ages 18-30 from around the world! 
The application period for Standford Global Energy Heroes as ended on February 15, 2020.
Register below to recieve information about the 2021 competition.

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Stanford Global Energy Heroes

Woman holding solar panel, woman working on an energy equipment, woman working at a bio plant and a number of people looking out on top of solar panels

Your Energy Solution

Make a three minute video describing your clean energy solution and its potential for impact in your community.

From right to left: Image of Traitel with Hoover tower, Bill Gates, Audience inside GEF and Sally Benson speaking

Become a Global Energy Hero

Compete for one of three $20,000 cash prizes and an exclusive trip to the 2020 Global Energy Forum.

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