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Students walking around wind farm

Explore Energy House

About the Explore Energy House

Do you want to better understand the connections between energy, sustainability, and climate change? Are you eager to find solutions that equitably address climate change and accelerate the clean energy transition? Are you curious how to address these existential questions of our time?

Then come join a residential community and living laboratory that expands energy and sustainability education through interdisciplinary dialogue, exploration, and action. Live with people who, like you, are enthusiastic about addressing these challenges. We are passionate about building a home where  we center the values of joy, hope, curiosity, exploration, and inclusion.

The Explore Energy (EE) House is a four-class house open to any undergraduate student (including transfers), regardless of major, who demonstrates a strong commitment to actively exploring any aspect of the energy field, including but not limited to technology, finance, history, social science, equity and justice, and/or art. It is not expected that students come in with domain knowledge, but rather that they have a shared desire to engage each other as we explore a wide range of energy ecosystems. EE House will host events, workshops, alumni seminars, student-initiated and led workshops, and more. We’re looking for students who are invested in relationship and community building and providing a place of encouragement and belonging for each other.

Explore Energy will be the most POWERFUL new dorm in decades!

Questions? Reach out to Wahila at