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Students showcasing research posters at the 2015 GCEP Symposium

Stanford Center for Carbon Storage Speaker Series: Curt Oldenburg, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

November 12, 2019 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Green Earth Science, Room 365
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Energy Resources Engineering
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Title: Mechanistic modeling of CO2 leakage into the water column from offshore CO2 wells

Abstract: Growing interest in offshore geologic carbon sequestration (GCS) motivates evaluation of the consequences of subsea CO2 well blowouts. We have simulated a hypothetical major CO2 well blowout in shallow water of the Texas Gulf Coast. We use a coupled reservoir-well model (T2Well) to simulate the subsea blowout flow rate for input to an integral model (TAMOC) for modeling CO2 transport in the water column. Bubble sizes are estimated for the blowout scenario for input to TAMOC. Results suggest that a major CO2 blowout in ≥50 m of water will be almost entirely attenuated by the water column due to CO2 dissolution into seawater during upward rise. In contrast, the same blowout in 10 m of water will hardly be attenuated at all. Results also show that the size of the orifice of the leak strongly controls the CO2 blowout rate.

Speaker: Curt Oldenburg is a Senior Scientist and Head of the Geologic Carbon Sequestration Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His area of expertise is numerical model development and applications for coupled subsurface flow and transport processes. Curt is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, co-author of a textbook on CCS (Introduction to Carbon Capture and Sequestration, by Smit, Reimer, Oldenburg, and Bourg), and is the Editor in Chief for storage of Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology. In 20 years of research on geologic carbon sequestration, Curt has worked on many topics including CO2-enhanced gas recovery, leakage and seepage modeling and monitoring in the shallow subsurface, pipeline and well leakage including well blowout modeling, and overall risk assessment.

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