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Students showcasing research posters at the 2015 GCEP Symposium

ERE Seminar: Robert Kabera (Sync Energy AI) | "Using Smart Vegetation Tracking to Predict..."

January 10, 2022 - 12:15pm to 1:15pm
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Energy Resources Engineering
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NAMERobert Kabera  | President & COO of Sync Energy AI

TITLE"Using Smart Vegetation Tracking to Predict & Prevent Power Outages"

ABSTRACTOur predictive grid failure analytics tool visualizes vulnerabilities on the electric grid, ahead of time.  In short, we do this by combining weather forecasts, smart vegetation tracking and looking at historical reliability data. Unlike other companies that mainly focus only on vegetation or weather, our unique approach here is we also look closely at long-term historical analysis of past incidents, outage duration and connected kVA as they relate to vegetation density. 

The risk we predict - weeks in advance -  include: 1) the affected spans on the grid, 2) the likelihood of a power outage, 3) the number of expected incidents, 4) the number of affected customers, 5) the power outage duration, 6) the expected customer call volume, and 7) the most at-risk vegetation to causing a power outage. Combined, this foresight can reduce up to 70% customer downtime during an extreme weather power outage event. 

Our insights offer the following short term and long-term benefits to electric utilities, cooperatives, municipalities, insurance companies and cities:

1) Right away, companies are equipped to be proactive when it comes to extreme weather events preparedness & response.

2) Resiliency in terms of long term planning & simulations. 

BIORobert is currently Founder, President & COO of Sync Energy AI, an energy AI company that allows energy and insurance professionals to run complex simulations in a no-code analytics environment. They specialize in predicting climate-related risks to critical infrastructure. They excel at visualizing disruptions to the electric grid network, weeks in advance of incidents. Robert Kabera was named to the 2018 Global US Forbes Under 30 List in the Energy Sector. Robert has previously worked as a Process Engineer at Chevron and in the utility scale solar energy group of Siemens. Robert is an ERE alumni from the class of 2011. 

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