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Students showcasing research posters at the 2015 GCEP Symposium

ERE Seminar: Ali Andrews, PhD (Shake Energy) | "...Developing community-owned renewable energy"

February 8, 2021 - 11:30am to 12:30pm
Virtual Meeting via Zoom (see login details in Description)
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Energy Resources Engineering
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NAMEAli Andrews | Shake Energy Collaborative

TITLE"Please in my backyard: Developing community-owned renewable energy"

ABSTRACTOne challenge that renewable energy developers increasingly face  - particularly in land-restricted and urban areas - is community opposition to industrial development in their backyard. And when clean energy is installed, it rarely benefits low income communities and communities of color. At Shake Energy Collaborative, we are exploring a new way of developing renewable energy projects in partnership with disinvested communities so that the projects we build are not just tolerated by the neighbors but advocated for and owned by them. In this seminar, Iʻll share some of our successes in developing bi-directional relationships with communities in Fresno, CA and Molokaʻi, HI as well as some of our challenges in working with utilities to develop these communities’ visions. Iʻd love to discuss with all of you what our visions for the future of equitable energy looks like and what our respective roles will be in realizing it.

REFERENCESHere is a report our TomKat Fellows prepared last summer that discusses some of what I will talk about:

BIOAli Andrews is the CEO of Shake Energy Collaborative, a public benefit corporation developing renewable energy projects that are designed and owned by the communities that host them. Shake was born out of research for her Masters in Design Impact at Stanford University, in which Ali and her team explored designs for more meaningful, bidirectional community engagement in the energy industry. Ali has a background in climate research and environmental storytelling working on projects for NOAA, the State of Hawaiʻi, and the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Ali is an avid steerswoman of waʻa currently steering her start-up in the San Joaquin Valley in California, where Shake partners with urban and rural neighborhoods to design and develop community solar projects. Ali has an MS in Engineering Design Impact and a BA in Physics and Environmental Non-Fiction Writing.

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