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Energy Seminar Videos

Videos of the Energy Seminar are available in 4 places:

  1. The Stanford Energy website (this site) posts videos and slides within a week after the lecture, dependent on the speaker's permission. Before the lecture, this site also provides an abstract, background reading recommendations, and a repository of past Energy Seminars.  If some of these materials are not available, the speaker may not have granted permission to have them posted online.
  2. The Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) posts videos from the Energy Seminar generally within 24 hours.  If you wish to access the videos on the SCPD site, you will need to create an account, and then search for Energy Seminar, a free course on the SCPD site.  Go to "Getting Started" and select "1. Create a mystanfordconnection account".  Once you have an account you can log in and search for "Energy Seminar" for the talks from the current quarter.  Past quarters are not archived on the site.
  3. Energy Seminar videos are also available on Stanford on iTunes U. You can download video/audio of the seminars to your computer or iPhone/iPod and listen to them at your convenience. You need to have iTunes installed on your computer (Mac or PC) to take advantage of this capability.  Launch Stanford on iTunes U or learn more about iTunes U and installation of iTunes.
  4. The Precourt Institute for Energy's Youtube channel has a playlist of Energy Seminar videos.