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The Precourt Institute for Energy is part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.

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Welcome to Executive Education at Stanford Energy!

Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy offers open enrollment and custom executive education programs focused on Net Zero Energy for you and your organization.  The Net Zero Energy Executive Education programs are designed to empower leaders with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools to tackle the challenge of steering their organization toward a net zero operation. 

Become a more effective and informed leader to advocate for and accelerate change across your organization. 

What does it take to implement net-zero strategies across complex, global organizations? What are the technologies and policies that are driving energy transition? How can they be strategically deployed to address enterprise-wide emissions reduction? 

For the first time ever, Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy offers intensive one-week programs geared towards entrepreneurs and organizations that have committed to significant decarbonization goals.  They are particularly relevant for executives and senior managers who are responsible for making strategic decisions across a business enterprise to reach those goals. Explore open enrollment options, or consider a customized program for you. 

Custom Net Zero Energy Executive Education

Need a unique set of solutions for your organization? Stanford will work with your company to create a customized program. 

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