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Students during Energy@Stanford & SLAC 2014

Energy Literacy

To help make informed decisions about energy, it is necessary to understand its complexity and the role it plays in our society. 

Energy E-Books:

Energy: The Basics, investigates the nature of energy and energy resources.  The second volume, Energy: Use and Efficiency, explores how people use energy, from generating electricity to developing energy-efficient technologies.

Primarily developed for middle and highschool students, but also relevant for lifelong learners, the series explores the causes of climate change, its impacts on freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, and innovative strategies for curbing and adapting to change:

Energy 101 Video Tutorials

Developed by the Global Climate and Energy Project, these video tutorials provide an overview of specific topics in energy from battery storage to carbon capture and sequestration.

Energy Seminar

The Energy Seminar is a weekly talk held during the academic year to inform students and the broader community on key energy issues and perspectives. 

California and Western Energy Lecture Series

Developed by Precourt Energy Scholar Dian Grueneich, the California and Western Energy Lecture Series provides an understanding of California and Western energy.