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The Precourt Institute for Energy is now part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.

California and Western Energy Lecture Series

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About this Series

The purpose of this series, developed by Precourt Energy Scholar Dian Grueneich, is to provide an understanding of California and Western energy, including relevant agencies and organizations, what they do, and how they operate. Topics include not only California government agencies but California energy markets, stakeholders, and the two key Western energy organizations. The final lecture covers the major California climate and energy policies, including achievement, challenges, and innovation opportunities.

Watching the Series

  • Best to watch in this order: Overview and Introduction, CAISO, WIEB, WECC and Policies
  • Each lecture is divided into sections which can be watched individually or in one setting
  • The audio that has been taped is also available as written notes for future reference

Introduction, Basic Facts, and Agency Overview

Lecturer: Dian Grueneich, Precourt Energy Scholar, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University; Commissioner Emeritus, California Public Utilities Commission

Agency Presentation
Agency Notes

The Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC)

Lecturer: Matthew Elkins, Manager, Performance Analysis, Western Electricity Coordinating Council

WECC Presentation