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The Summer of Data in Climate

October 14, 2020
Connery Wood
Physics and Geophysics, Class of 2022

Spreadsheet of data

This summer's timing was… odder than most. A global pandemic can really put one's plans for doing work on-campus in the wash to wring out into nothing. Still, I wanted to work -- and to work towards helping the world to reach a cleaner goal. When I joined Mark Jacobson's project to help convert the world to sustainable, clean energy by 2050, I wasn't sure what I'd be doing -- but I was hoping to make some impact. And I did! I chose to help organize the many many spreadsheet's worth of data that he and his team had compiled into individualized forms for each of the 143 countries he'd done research on and for. Of these, I got through over 70, with my partner on the project, Sabrina, doing the other half. It may have been a slightly tedious process, but it was invigorating in knowing that what I was doing was contributing to the advancement of humanity and sustainability worldwide.

As far as working remotely was concerned, the only real difference was a reduced amount of contact with my partner and the rest of the group. I connected to Sabrina through a messaging app several times a week and occasionally heard from the project leads, but otherwise I was on my own, chugging through data as I had it. As a result, I quietly worked through the summer, content to pull data into easier-to-read tables, as exemplified by the image below/attached, which has one of the several tables presented in the individualized document for the nation of Honduras.