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Flexibility + Unlimitedness

August 6, 2019
SUPER student, class of 2022

Hi energy enthusiasts,

Let me begin with how studying energy opens a door to many worlds and possibilities for me. Because energy is so integrated into our world that you can end up doing fieldwork outside, or sit in an office to analyze information. Energy even gives you the flexibility to become a politician, an engineer or even an activist if you want to. At first, I was about to do a project on how to tackle the issue of energy poverty that’s widespread in developing countries, but somehow, I ended up doing a project on analyzing the geophysical properties of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. It was a huge jump, but it’s fascinating how you can traverse different paths within the energy field. I started my work with not knowing much about ArcGIS and MATLAB. It seemed very confusing, but by asking around and googling, I was getting done the things I needed. Many times, I had to stay at work until midnight to get the code running, but you can’t imagine how learning by doing makes you proud of yourself.

Like any other job, or environment, working with amazing and caring people made my research much more enjoyable. Having a great research mentor along with interacting with amazing graduate students helped me to navigate my way through the moments of frustration when I was trying to get some results, but nothing seems to correlate. Having the support and the guidance to give me new insights into the information reminded me that there are still many ways for me to think like a scientist.

I hope you consider becoming a researcher at least for once, to shed some light on the mysteries of our world, especially for the challenges we face in providing energy.