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Summer Internships

Bits & Watts is offering four to six internships for the 2020 Summer quarter. All work will be done remotely.

SMART - Summer Microgrid Analysis and Research Training Internships. Deadline to apply is 5/29.
Microgrids are trending in our community nowadays. Resilience and reliability are the key drivers to many of the existing Microgrid deployments due to the impact of extreme weather events.  The selected students will spend eight weeks this summer working remotely with fellow students as a team on the analysis of Microgrid cases in California, North America and other countries to understand the industry practice and challenges; identify technology gaps and future research needs. They will be mentored remotely by Stanford Bits and Watts faculty, Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) faculty, California Energy Commission Engineers, Commonwealth Edison, Total S.A.  and many Bits and Watts industry members. They will conduct comparison study of different Microgrid projects to understand:

• Grid-connected vs remote microgrids
• Drivers and business models of microgrids
• Architecture and design requirements of microgrids
• Operations and controls of Microgrids

More information about Bits and Watts industry affiliates and some Microgrid sites to be analyzed through this internship.
Bits and Watts industry affiliates
California Energy Commission funded Microgrids
ComEd Bronzeville Microgrid

Who can apply: All Stanford graduate students and rising sophmore and junior undergrads. At the conclusion of the internship, participants will write a research paper and make a brief presentation on their project.

When:  The project will run from: 7/6/2020 to 8/28/2020.

Apply on either Handshake or SOLO.