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The electricity system integrates engineering, economics, finance, market structures, business, law and government policy. Yet the education of industry experts has generally not interconnected these domainsand there has been insufficient training for the innovators of the 21st century grid. The economic and environmental stakes are too great to solve a problem in one area, only to unknowingly create a bigger problem elsewhere. To address this challenge, Bits & Watts pursues a two-pronged education strategy:

  • Help industry executives broaden expertise required for a holistic, data-driven approach to transforming the grid and give input on new research areas
  • Produce a new generation of Stanford graduates with a holistic and integrated understanding of emerging grid trends to continue the transformation

Industry Education

Bits & Watts has worked with the Stanford Center for Professional Development to build a online professional development program for electricity industry executives. The Stanford Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies certificate program gives you a foundational understanding of the technologies that are transforming how we obtain, distribute, store, and use energy. The program provides an overview of energy systems as well as domain knowledge of technologies, policies, economics, finance, management, and behavioral science. The flexible program allows you to delve deeply into specific areas of interest such as grid modernization, energy storage, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.  Courses in the program are taught by world-class Stanford faculty and industry experts. All courses are online and self-paced so you can learn on your schedule. Each course includes video lectures, industry readings, and exercises. Bits & Watts Affiliate members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on all courses in the program. In addition, sponsoring organizations are able to assign their researchers to work at Stanford as visiting scholars.

Students viewing Stanford Central Energy System infrastructure

Student Education

Bits & Watts provides Stanford graduate and undergraduate students interested in the electricity industry with curricula of relevant courses for depth within their discipline and breadth in other disciplines. 

  • The Smart Grid Seminar is a series of lectures focused on smart grids, energy systems and power engineering with speakers from academic institutions and industry. These speakers share exciting new ideas and technologies that are changing the electricity industry to prompt further thought and discussion. This seminar is offered as a 1 unit seminar course, CEE 272T/EE292T for interested students. 

  • Postgraduate Programs: Bits & Watts provides funding for multiple graduate and postdoctoral positions to pursue work on creative, multidisciplinary research projects that explore new directions for the digital transformation of electric grid. This research is intended complement the continuing work of Stanford faculty. Potential projects span a variety of disciplines.