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Alumni Speaker Forum

Our bi-quarterly forums are an opportunity to hear from Stanford alumni in a wide range of energy-related professional roles. Learn more about who, how, and why alumni are making careers in the energy field. We focus on alumni who are in the earlier portions of their career to help our students develop a sense of what they might expect during their first decade after graduation. The Forum is moderated by Mark McVay, Precourt Energy Scholar, Managing Director of Net-Zero Academy, and Stanford alum. 

Audience Q&A is a central focus of these conversations. When possible, the speakers will attend the in-person Explore Energy Community Social on the following Thursday for in-person networking.

The Forum is currently in a virtual format via Zoom. In Spring of 2022 we plan to transition this to an in-person format housed in the new Explore Energy Theme HousePlease see our calendar for upcoming Forums.

Past Forum Speakers: