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Advanced Research Projects

The Precourt Institute for Energy and its initiatives aim to tackle the biggest challenges in achieving an energy system with low to zero greenhouse gas emissions and access to affordable energy for all. Over the last two decades research in energy at Stanford has grown significantly and Stanford has been established as one of the leading institutions in energy research. The Advanced Research Projects (ARP) aims to support research at early stages that has the potential to reach technologies or solutions in the energy space in the decades to come.

ARP's role is to:

• Define and describe scope of energy research through workshops, requests for proposals, discussions
• Provide opportunities for faculty to test new, risky ideas in energy topics that can cross disciplinary boundaries 
• Evaluate potential breakthrough ideas

Projects under ARP span from small scale, proof-of-concept projects funded through Precourt seed grants, to large efforts that combine the expertise of multiple PIs that are highly interdisciplinary efforts, awarded through the new Precourt Pioneering Projects grant awards and the Strategic Energy Research Consortium (SERC). For more information about these projects and how to compete for funding, click on the links below.


  • Start new projects/test new/high risk ideas
  • Broad and focused energy areas
  • Encourage faculty new to energy research
  • Gain results to obtain follow-on funding from other sources
  • $100,000-$200,000 per project, for up to 2 years
  • Tackle urgent and important problems in energy
  • Support undeveloped research areas
  • Targeted call, focused area
  • Build strong collaborative team, 3-4 faculty members
  • Nucleate/build initiative/cross-campus collaboration of programs
  • Attract vast new funding
  • $450,000 – per project, for 2 years
  • Fundamental, pre-commercial, high-risk, high-reward
  • Teams of >2 faculty
  • Broad and targeted areas defined by SEA
  • Industrially relevant research
  • Gain results to obtain follow-on funding from other sources
  • Calls every 2/3 years
  • Funded 6 projects in 2021
  • $500,000 – $1.5M per project, for 3 years